A year ago I decided to take a break from seeing clients in my psychology practice in order to work on a national grant I had been awarded. I leased my office to someone else, turned in my key, and went home to celebrate at a Happy New Year’s party. Before the week was out I got a call from a good friend who had edited several of my previous books.

“We’ve got a project that’s just right for you,” she said. I had been asked about it and said “no thanks” to the idea a year earlier because I was busy promoting my memoir, My Father’s Closet.

“You’ll have till May to finish it,” she told me.
“It’s a good thing I quit my day job,” I laughed.

It has been an honor to write When Trauma Wounds. The book challenged me to condense seventeen years of my work as a therapist into touch-the-heart stories and practical skills for the healing of trauma. Along the way I realized, yet again, that none of us get through life unscathed. And, that through love and compassion devastating experiences can be transformed into hope.

Look for the book in February at www.fortresspress.com.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!