karen fun photoDr. Karen A. McClintock is a psychologist, author and congregational consultant.  She belongs to a weekly writing group, is a member of Willamette Writers and has four published books. Raised in a closeted family in Columbus Ohio, she moved west to attend seminary at Pacific School of Religion and thereafter worked as a parish pastor and chaplain. She assisted healthcare providers with multiple-loss grief during the AIDS epidemic in the San Francisco Bay area.

Her most recently published book, Shame-Less Lives, Grace-full Congregations (Alban) sheds light on patterns of shame which limit interpersonal connection within family and organizational systems.  Healthy Disclosure in Congregations (Alban) explores professional ethics, communication boundaries, secrets in congregations, and sexual abuse prevention. She has also authored; Preventing Sexual Abuse in Congregations (Alban) and Sexual Shame: An Urgent Call to Healing (Fortress Press).

For the past fifteen years she has been an adjunct professor at Southern Oregon University, teaching human sexuality and a dozen additional courses in the psychology department. She has a thriving general practice as a psychologist and has taught workshops in over 40 states in the U.S. on ways to eradicate sexual shame. She engages in conversations about sexuality that are life affirming, while creating safety and healing. She is passionate about liberating LGBTQ individuals and family members from secrets and shame.  She won the Southern Oregon Lambda Community award for her outspoken advocacy for LGBTQ individuals and their families.