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Karen A. McClintock, M.Div., Ph.D.

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Karen A. McClintock is the author of a memoir and six books on clergy and congregational care. She is a former faculty member in the psychology department at Southern Oregon University.

Featured Book: A Memoir

My Father’s Closet

My Father’s Closet provides a rare, funny, and compassionate glimpse into the secret life of our otherwise ordinary Midwest family.  This book will resonate with anyone who has fallen in love with the wrong person, grown up around secret love affairs, taken risks with a taboo lover, lived in the closet, or grew up in one.

Karen McClintock reconstructs the details of her father’s double life with novelistic flair, keen psychological insight, and graceful compassion.
Alison Bechdel, award winning author of Fun Home
This book bravely reveals family secrets with honest, revealing details—always shrouded in love, forgiveness, and hope. The author includes the reader on a difficult path as she discovers her father’s gay life, and finds his lover. The writing is heartfelt, sad, funny, and open. She weaves an incredibly complex secret into the fabric of lives we truly care about.
Kathy Campbell

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Karen A. McClintock
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